My Weight Loss Surgery Journey + Keto, Paleo, & Gluten Free Recipes +



Hey there! My name is Stefania, pronounced Stef-anya, before you ask! And I’m from San Diego and this is my blog: The Fat to Fit Chick.  Clearly, I am still fat, but, let’s just assume this is all going to work out in the end.  Anyways,  after nearly a year-long process, I finally got the vertical sleeve gastrectomy (or the gastric sleeve) done on 04/20/2017.  It took me many years to follow through with the idea of having surgery but I have been obese my entire adult life (and realistically throughout most of my teens).  At the end of the day, I want to be healthy, and the VSG has been the greatest decision of my life.

While I do have the vertical sleeve to use as a tool, I am also going to continue to follow a ketogenic lifestyle that I had up until surgery. I have many years experience with keto, and as someone with PCOS, this is the lifestyle that I have chosen.

My boyfriend Cody, and I love to cook!  He is also doing Keto and we want to share our Keto recipes with the world!  We like to create fresh, ketogenic recipes that are above the standard “meat and bacon” lifestyle of Keto.  But don’t worry…we also love bacon, so there will be plenty of those gooey keto recipes to indulge your taste buds.