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Keto Tailgate Recipes: Queso Fundido

Keto Tailgate Recipes: Queso Fundido

Keto Tailgate Recipes: Queso Fundido

So with the launch of football season, I’m going to start a weekly Keto Tailgate Recipe edition. These recipes are going to be featured appetizers and meals that go great for game day.  I’m going to try to make everything BBQ friendly so whether you’re at home or tailgating, you can have the perfect keto meal.  Here is an amazing dip to kick things off.
Keto Tailgate Recipes: Queso Fundido | Fat to fit Chick

If you are in search of a quintessential keto recipe, I think we may have the solution for you.  Cody and I always joke about the goopy, cheesy recipes that us keto-ers live for, and this is definitely one of those recipes.  It’s loaded with chorizo, chili peppers and cheese.  It’s sinful, addicting, and what?!  You can lose weight by eating this? Thank you keto, thank you.  I really enjoyed eating this with crudities, especially sliced radish. For those of you who love pork rinds, I bet that would be an amazing combination.   It honestly, even tastes good by itself.  If you were to throw like 12 eggs into this you could make it into a breakfast casserole.  So, many delicious keto options.  Just one recipe, that’s so simple and easy to make.

Without further ado,  I present to you: Keto Tail Gate Recipes: Queso Fundido


  • 1/2 lb chorizo
    • *Don’t like Chorizo?  This will go well with any ground meat, see my note below.
  • 4 oz cheddar cheese
  • 4 oz mozarella cheese
  • 4 oz cream cheese
  • 1 hatch chili, or 2 jalapenos

  • 1/2  large bell pepper

I personally didn’t add any salt because with the chorizo and cheese was salty enough.  Just a heads up.


In a large cast iron skillet, fry the chorizo until almost cooked through.

While the chorizo is cooking, dice your peppers, then add to your chorizo.

Once Chorizo is cooked through, drain excess fat if needed, and transfer to a mixing bowl.  I recommend you use a stainless steel or glass mixing bowl, just because I have had issues with the chorizo staining my plastic ones.

Add your cheeses and mix until ingredients have combined.  Make sure to thoroughly mix in the cream cheese.

Put in a 350F oven and bake until the cheese is bubbly and the top is golden brown.  If you are going to BBQ this,  I reccomend prepping everything beforehand, and then finish. it off over indirect heat.  You could also cook everything directly over the BBQ, but for simplicity sake I would prep as much as you can beforehand.


*If you aren’t a huge fan of chorizo, you can use any kind of ground meat really.  Personally I would go with beef or pork, but to each their own.  Chorizo has all the flavors you already need, but if you are using another kind of meat, I would jazz it up by adding some cayenne, cumin, pepper and chili powder.  Don’t forget salt and pepper!


Keto Tailgate Recipes: Queso Fundido
That is pure deliciousness right there.



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