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Bariatric Success: Finally Taking Care of Me

Bariatric Success: Finally Taking Care of Me

How to be Successful With Weight Loss Surgery

From my Pre-Op Bariatric Success: Finally Taking Care of MePoint of View

One of the first few subjects during our pre-op program was hugely about “taking care of me”. Often times we are finding that we find ourselves in this state of obesity because we simply do not care for ourselves. We push our feelings aside to appease others, we eat poorly, and maybe we even put our mental health aside. In a way, we take pride in how selfless we are. We love that we put others ahead of our own, because it makes us feel good.

However, as Sherri says, we can’t keep giving ladles of ourselves away, because eventually there will be none left for ourselves. And that’s exactly what has happened. I have tried to appease everyone in my life for the sake of getting along, for the sake of making them feel good about themselves, for the sake of being accepted and well-liked. Sure, that “good feeling” feels nice, so it’s all worth it in the end. But then, suddenly you find yourself caring about others more than yourself; you always make yourself available to them. You find that after years of putting others first, you have completely deteriorated. In my experience it was obesity.

I did not care about myself enough to take care of myself. I ate what I wanted because it made me happy, nor did I want to create positive changes because I was too worried about others, ultimately creating the situation that I’m in.

Again, I felt good giving to others. I don’t blame anyone for being in the position I’m now finding myself in: I truly felt happy helping others. But, in turn, I put more effort to others than I had myself, without even realizing it, and the only person to pick up the pieces is myself.

Not anymore. Changing your body is just the beginning. As bariatric patients, we really need to focus on so much more than just the weight. It is imperative that we get in tune with how we got there. We are so blessed to have a second chance at life. Don’t mess this up. Give yourself some time for YOU. That would be my biggest piece of advice thus far. You are worthy of giving yourself all your attention and so much more, you deserve to be cared for, and you absolutely must put yourself first.  Even as a pre-op patient, I truly believe this is the key to a successful weight loss journey.

You deserve to take care of you.

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